Youngest world traveler: the girl who accompanies her parents hiking

Youngest world traveler: the girl who accompanies her parents hiking

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Esme tiny traveled in its first year more than others in life. From the age of two months, the youngest world traveler accompanied his parents hiking along and across several countries.

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When nurse Karen Edwards, aged 31, and her partner, Shaun Bayes, have announced they’ll take little Esme, aged ten weeks in their journeys to backpack around the world, loved viewed it with skepticism, she said. Even so, the three adventurers crossed together Australia, Asia and New Zealand within ten months. “The purpose of our initiative is local producers to inspire travel loving parents not to give up their pleasure. That little person in their lives have brought in their way of life. I can still do everything, including diving, if you make turns. I would not have occurred otherwise maternity leave, “says the woman who currently experiencing, along with his small family, Thailand, Cambodia is the next stop. Edwards says that both she and her boyfriend were amateur backpacking trips before becoming pregnant. “After I was born, Shaun and resigned, I sold the car we rented out the house and I went on the road, together with our baby,” explains Karen, who still breastfeed when little Esme was vaccinated before leaving the UK.

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“We have no regret, seeing new landscapes, he felt the new flavors. I’m sorry, however, that he did not interact much with other children. It was spectacular. The strangest part of the trip was the return home, “said Edwards.

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