How to visit 50 countries with only $ 8 per day

How to visit 50 countries with only $ 8 per day

visit 50 countries

They bought an old van with $ 600, painted it and then managed to visit more than 50 countries on five continents. It’s about a group of bloggers from Poland, passionate travelers who do not have much money, but want to see the world.


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Jul 10, 2015 … India should look at his achievements and be inspired as an ordinary tea boy is now almost halfway done with his dream to visit 50 countries.

Polish bloggers told Bored Panda website that one day were equipped with essential, tents and food, then they hit the road. Within six years they have managed to visit 50 countries, covering more than 150,000 kilometers on five continents. “I have never spent money on accommodation, usually sleeping in cars and tents and prepare our own food. This is the short story, “they explained. Polish bloggers spend an average of $ 8 per day, covering money, mainly gasoline, which is why they are traveling with other people, sharing the costs. “We travel slowly and often happens to us to stay in one place for a few days so that we save money on gasoline,” they explained to the curious interested to know the secret.


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Bloggers are helping to save and strangers offered hosting and compatriots living abroad. They bought food from the supermarket and prepare their own food, giving as an example a trip to Australia, where they were fed kangaroo steak, which is the cheapest meat there.

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When their car breaks down, the Poles and repair it yourself, learning over time spent on the road how to do this. No personal hygiene not encounter too many problems, because they were with 150 liters of water for its own electric shower.

When they had but need a larger amount of money to transport their van overseas to Australia, find sponsors willing to advertise and bonded company logo on the car. Young writing in one of the most popular travel blogs from Poland,, and this is another source of income.

So far published two travel guides, from their own experiences, which managed to win something. Finally, make clips to exotic places to promote various products.

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