Top 5 unique holiday destinations

Top 5 unique holiday destinations

unique holiday destinations

If you want to go on vacation and do not know where else to go, After Business – Premium propose five but less known destinations that offer endless beaches, national parks perfect for safari and culture still untouched by time.


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1. Botswana has it all: national parks and wildlife perfect for safari, deltas for boating at sunset, desert expeditions off-road vehicles. He really missing the beaches, but compensates with everything otherwise. Moreover, like all neighboring countries – Namibia, Zambia – is still undiscovered by mass tourism, so it still retains its authenticity.

2. Iceland go either backpacker or as a tourist luxury helicopter rides over the falls and renting jeeps to go “hunting” of Puffins. For any tourist Iceland offers the same, a different kind of any find in the rest of Europe: glaciers, waterfalls and havens such as the Blue Lagoon.

3. Myanmar has long been one of the countries with closed borders, which is also one of the reasons why civilization has preserved customs, architecture is unchanged, and the state seems to have remained a prisoner of time. In Myanmar, while you walk at sunrise balloon, or you feel you’ve made a long journey, whether you are traveling in a country immune to speed, and internet.

4. Socotra Island in Yemen is hidden somewhere in the middle of the Arabian Sea, between the mainland of Yemen, Somalia and Oman. In Socotra get hard, but once you set foot on the island you realize you’re in another world: the unique vegetation, tourists can be counted on the fingers of two hands, accommodation is usually in the tent, and the food – even lobster – is caught daily in front of tourists.

5. When you get in Turkmenistan reach the gates of hell (Door to Hell), exactly at the natural gas field where more than 40 years continuously burning fire. Gas deposits in the area that feeds the flame has gone out from 1971 to today. The country has more to offer, however, the capital city Ashgabat although built in white marble which seems rather a city left until hundreds of years old fortresses.


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