These books are often forgotten in airplanes

These books are often forgotten in airplanes


Bible books from the series “Game of Thrones” by George R. R Martin, and “Fifty shades of Grey‘s” by EL James, is among the volumes planes travel frequently forgotten in a hurry, according to

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Around 500 books and 1,400 eBook readers are left on board the British Airways planes every year.However, diaries, wedding planning and even checks are among the items found by flight attendants of the airlines that have been forgotten in passenger planes.

In terms of literary genres, the books most often forgotten in the airplane category “chick lit”. But most often forgotten book is the Bible aircraft, this represents 6% of the volumes left behind by travelers in a hurry.

According to a recent survey, books are the most popular items related to reading that passengers take them in flight.

In fact, three out of five people surveyed said they took with them a card when traveling by plane. In contrast, only one in five people said they prefer to read a book in eBook format while traveling by plane.

However, women are rather those who own an e-reader, than men.


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As part of this research, British Airways has compiled a list of frequently forgotten genres passenger planes in the last three months.

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While the novels hold 22% of the top ten most forgotten books of aircraft, ranking includes thrillers, travel books and non-fiction books.

However, among the most popular passenger aircraft forgotten biographies include those signed by Hillary Clinton, Lewis Hamilton and Roger Federer.

In that survey were surveyed 1,000 people.

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