The world’s first underwater hotel

underwater hotelThe hotel will be built at a depth of 8 meters and offer a beautiful view of the sea and fauna here.

Sleeping with the fishes: Luxury underwater hotel could use profits to save …

Managing Director Tony Webb told Gizmag that the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has already had over 200 enquiries about future reservations. What’s more, it’s even offering the chance for some lucky couples to win a free stay once the ambitious project

The hotel will be built at a depth of 8 meters and offer a beautiful view of the sea and fauna here. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has already been approved by the US Patent and Trademark and realization can begin. Was not yet decided where they will learn this unique hotel, but are considered areas of Hawaii, Egypt, Bahamas and Malaysia, writes Daily Mail.


The hotel will be small, with only 21 rooms, but very luxuriously decorated boutique. Tourists can get there with a perfectly insulated lift, which links to the area. Tony Webb, who is designing the hotel, says that the project will be environmentally friendly, protect endangered coral species and try to help preserve them.


Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel planned for Bahamas, Egypt and Hawaii

Holidaymakers may soon be able to experience life under the sea by booking a stay at a futuristic hotel on the ocean floor. The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has received USA Patent and Trademark approval as the world’s first underwater hotel – with

The hotel will be in technically a ship, because it will be able to navigate through the water using electromechanical drive. So, if a hurricane, the hotel can move with ease in a more secure shelter. Those interested in the project you can buy, to be built at the place chosen, after having obtained the authorization necessary. The cost hotel is about 20 million dollars.

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