The most unwelcoming cities in the world

The most unwelcoming cities in the world

unwelcoming cities


Every year, tourism publications realized charts showing the most beautiful destinations in the world. This year, however, Travel and Leisure has designed a top most unusual: in addition to receiving the list of tourist destinations, the publication achieved a top of the most inhospitable cities in the world.

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The study analyzed the impressions of readers who visited 266 cities worldwide and assessed them in terms of hospitality.

The first place among cities is inhospitable Moscow. Although it has many attractions and a vibrant cultural life, the city is considered attractive because of the terrible traffic and local cuisine, not particularly impressed by anything. The safest option for travelers who arrive here is to hire a local guide to explore the city safe.
On the second place is Atlantic City in New Jersey, a town known for its casinos. People are rude and always in a hurry, however, complain about the tourists who come here.
In third place is another city in Russia, St. Petersburg. The sights here are impressive, but the residents are not at all welcoming visitors say.
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Fourth place is occupied by Marseille, the second largest city in France. It is a city which times love him or hate him, and many tourists complain that it is a very untidy place.

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Los Angeles is in fifth place, city people are very confident, kind and all who seek to deceive tourists every occasion, say those who visited him.

Place six returns another American city, New York, extremely crowded and full of people rushing, not in the mood to help those in need. But worth visiting due to special landmarks, including Central Park.

Philadelphia, another US city ranks seventh. It is a busy city, which should not be visited on days when sports competitions are held because local fans, can be very rude to those who support other athletes.

Baltimore is ranked eight. It is a town appreciated for theater and local cuisine, but protests in recent years have seriously affected tourism and the image of this town.

Las Vegas is famous ninth place, because casinos do not offer anything outside that made ​​him known throughout the world.

The last place among the most inhospitable cities in the world is Cannes, famous for luxury resort living and wealth in many celebrities. It is only a recommended destination for tourists who have lots of money to spend, but starts to lose its charm, like a beautiful woman who is aging, our say.

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