The most frightening castles in the world  you must see

The most frightening castles in the world you must see

frightening castles

Most castles terrifying world. Castle is a building which impresses with its beauty, size and especially the stories about it. Sometimes, the castle can be a picture of horror, especially when told scary stories about it.

1. The most frightening castles in the world. Bodelwyddan Castle, Wales

From the nineteenth century began to appear the ghosts of Castle Bidelwyddan stories, killings and brutality within the walls of noble building. Ghosts “Favorite” by those who saw them as those held by knight.

2. The scariest castles in the world. Predjama Castle, Slovenia

Predjama has a history of over seven centuries. Dating from 1274, the castle was built around the legend of a Roman emperor who destroyed the entire German castle and take mascrat edifice those in search of a baron. The castle was rebuilt twice in the sixteenth century and has remained until today.

3. The most frightening castles in the world. Flossenburg Castle, Germany

Flossenburg Castle in Bavaria seems detached from the tales. Unfortunately it would appear to be haunted places or places where you can not spend good.

4. The most frightening castles in the world. Miranda Castle, Belgium

The castle was built in the nineteenth century French aristocracy, but during and after the end of the Second World War was transformed into an orphanage. The building was abandoned in 1980 due to family heirs that have not allowed the authorities to recondition. Age castle and many stories buried in its walls made of Miranda a favorite of ghost hunters.

5. The most frightening castles in the world. Banffy Castle, Romania

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Banffy Castle is considered by some the most haunted place in Romania. Built in Bonţida Banffy family in 15-16 centuries, the castle was transformed in 1944 into a military hospital operated until after the war. Because many soldiers died in the castle around his legend was created that would be haunted.


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