The country with the cheapest flight tickets per mile

The country with the cheapest flight tickets per mile

cheapest flight tickets

Flight rates depend on the countries that the airplane and the aviation company with which we choose to travel. The Flight Price Index 2017, produced by the portal and quoted by Mediafax, specializes in multiple air connections that analyze domestic and foreign flights from 80 countries. They place Romania on the first position in terms of short-distance flights at a cost of 2.79 euros / 100 kilometers for low-cost services. Our country is followed by Bulgaria – 2.92 euro / 100 km and Malaysia – 3.30 euro / 100 km.


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Source: GlobeFarers. The stress and pain of finding cheap flight deals can be disturbing especially when the prices fluctuate. Here are some tips to save you money …

As far as international flights are concerned, our country is on the twelfth position, with 2.44 euro / 100 kilometers, the first place being occupied by Sweden (1.2 euro / 100 kilometers).

The most expensive short-haul flights are in Quatar (80.42 euros / 100 km) and in Brazil for long distance flights (26.34 euro / 100 km).



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