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Most beautiful European destinations that can be visited by train

You can explore Europe on foot, by car or by bicycle. But discovering the continent by train is certainly the best and most pleasant way to enjoy the impressive landscapes


The most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe

Dozens of types of sweets and traditional products, aromas of mulled wine, Christmas carols and Santas cheerfully have already started winter holidays with the opening of some of the most


Stockholm. Venice of the North is the perfect destination for a city-break

Venice of the North: Stockholm | Olesja Allen Venice of the North: Stockholm. September 19, 2015. FullSizeRender 34. The day after our wedding, Frederick and I were on our way


The greenest cities in Europe

The greenest cities in Europe can be a healthier alternative for anyone who wants to avoid the effects of pollution in big cities. The best green cities are in northern