7 holiday destinations, as beautiful as it is safe

July 7, 2016 danyel naq 0

If you have not already made your holiday plans this year, here are some destinations that you attract attention not only their beauty, but also because they are safe, at least statistically. It’s not hard to see that some of the most attractive places on […]


The story of “ghost planes” that ruin your holiday

July 4, 2016 danyel naq 0

  Family arrived at Birmingham Airport to find ‘ghost Monarch Airlines flight … Birmingham Airport isn’t somewhere you’d normally associate with ghostly goings on – but one family turned up there for a flight they’d had confirmation for that didn’t actually exist. It sounds like […]


Story of a Romanian driver who captures the soul of Europe

July 2, 2016 danyel naq 0

In the last 10 years, the novel “Viktor Talic” (so called to be named in the article) conducted a minibus in Europe, transporting goods and people. His travels, sometimes spanning almost 50 hours without sleep, supra part of the “heart of Europe”, writes the German newspaper […]


X-mas in Lisbon part II: Sintra

July 2, 2016 danyel naq 0

Before starting this travel story I do have to warn you that the journey from Lisbon  to Sintra  is one of the most depressing and boring train journey I ever had. The only interesting fact on the 40 minutes train journey from station Rossio to Sintra, […]