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Seven cities in the world where people are payed to live

Few people know that there are places in the world where, for some reason, people are paying to dwell. In these places there is a shortage in the number of

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Incredible project that will change air travel

The promise of a concept for an aircraft capable of carrying 10 passengers. Industrial designer, Charles Bombardier, created a concept for an aircraft very quickly – Antipode supersonic capable of

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Did you know that New York has more rats then people?

A record number of 24,000 complaints against rats were recorded this year in New York, where the authorities have intensified the fight against thousands of swarming rodents parks, subways and


The most unwelcoming cities in the world

  Every year, tourism publications realized charts showing the most beautiful destinations in the world. This year, however, Travel and Leisure has designed a top most unusual: in addition to

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Some employers regulate relations in the airline industry for pilots

Some companies in the airline industry in the individual employment contract governing relations between flight attendants and pilots of aircraft, although proximity of the employees are sometimes thousands of miles