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The most frightening castles in the world you must see

Most castles terrifying world. Castle is a building which impresses with its beauty, size and especially the stories about it. Sometimes, the castle can be a picture of horror, especially

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Planetarium Constanta, modernized with 130,000 lei from own funds

Planetarium, built in 1969, was upgraded to 130,000 lei from own funds, replaced seats, ceiling and pavement exchanged and bought a digital projection device, transmits Mediafax. Director of the Natural


How can you buy the cheapest flight, regardless of destination

Hunters offers are not satisfied with any prices for their travels. Therefore, airlines have decided to take their wishes and launched a new concept of flight. Great tips for cheaper flying


Detached house like the Stone Age, a tourist attraction in Portugal

In the mountains of northern Portugal Fafe is a strange building, which has become an important tourist attraction. Casa do Penedo, translation stone house is a unique architectural style, very


The most beautiful cities to visit in Russia

The most beautiful cities to visit in Russia Sankt Petersburg The city, built by Tsar Peter the Great on a swampy ground proved a successful project became the new capital