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Top 10 New Year traditions in the world

Ringing In 2016: New Year’s Traditions You Might Not Have Heard Of While thousands will pack Manhattan’s Times Square to take part in one of the United States‘ most recognized


Couple who retired at 30 years and now travels around the world

Jeremy Jacobson and Winnie Tseng lived frugally for ten years to retire early and have time and financial opportunities to explore the world. How to Travel Around the World: 14


Unpleasant experiences of a young man who has traveled to 73 countries

Drew Goldberg is a young American who turned his passion for travel into a lifestyle. The man traveled far in 73 countries. Raised in Arizona, United States, Drew got a

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The oldest hotel in the world has been run by the same family

Nishiyama Onsen Yamanashi prefecura Keiunkan in Japan, is recognized as the oldest hotel in the world, which has served throughout history for over 1,300 years, samurai and modern tourist inform


Top European cities that you should visit this Fall

Iced, emphasized by the soft light of autumn days, and interesting events that you can take part in this period to the completion of a ranking of European destinations where