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Ideal destinations for May Bank Holiday

As 1 Mai falls on a Monday, there is no better reason to gather your thoughts and baggage for a long weekend, and thus reward yourself for the 200 or


Antalya, the dream of a summer vacation all inclusive

Antalya is a holiday destination more than common.People choose to spend here family holidays, honeymoons or simply seek ten days of pampering, away from any worries. Even any worries Working


15 million project which attracted 55,000 visitors

Thousands of people have tested a pontoon day of three kilometers installed on Lake Iseo in northern Italy. The project called “Floating docks” cost 15 million euros and consists of


Top 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe

 A specialist in tourism has made, “truth”, a top 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe, with recommendations by travel in each zone. Top 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe. Where


Top five destinations where you can enjoy mountain and sea simultaneously

You can not decide if you want to go on vacation this summer in the mountains or the sea. Who says you have to choose and that you can not have