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The most beautiful vacation spot in every country in the European Union

Have you ever wondered what places to visit in Europe, but did not manage to decide? The following list may help you. Big movie locations make memorable vacation spots … From

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Planetarium Constanta, modernized with 130,000 lei from own funds

Planetarium, built in 1969, was upgraded to 130,000 lei from own funds, replaced seats, ceiling and pavement exchanged and bought a digital projection device, transmits Mediafax. Director of the Natural


Top 30 most beautiful destinations in Romania

Many different places, from parks to castles, art galleries or even a shopping mall are in the top 30 destinations of Romania recommended the site tripadvisor.com, the most popular platform

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Eighth wonder of relaxation

    Diamond Resorts International(R) – Vacations for Life(R) – Enjoy All Things … The leisure complex also offers an outdoor swimming pool for family fun during warmer months, a


Constanta will become a cultural port for tourists

Tourists from around the world will come to see the ancient cities of Dobrogea, thanks Limen Project – “Cultural Ports Aegean to the Black Sea“. Approximately 100 guests, partners in