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Vienna, the city that you fall in love in less than an hour

Stay a few days before Christmas in Vienna is an opportunity to infuse your soul and mind the spirit of the winter holidays in a beautiful city, full of charm


Car that will try to travel around Europe on a single tank of fuel

Audi A3 TDI has traveled 1324 km on a single tank of diesel. Now, the Germans from Audi want to travel 1609 km on a single tank of fuel, choosing


Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of the Adriatic Sea

Most people who visited Venice say they want to return. Irresistible attraction can be “resolved” relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays: the time of booking a flight to Italy, spending prioritized


Romanian Physicians, skiing in Tirol, treated as criminals in Austria

  Cristina and Cosmin N., doctors by profession, living for almost a year, a bad dream. They went skiing in a ski resort Tyrol – Iscghl – have paid 3,600


The most beautiful places to visit in the Czech Republic

The most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. Apart from Prague, a city known for its unique charm, in  Czech Republic there are many other great destinations. Cesky Krumlov Cities,