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Rise and fall of the most luxurious hotel of Constanta

June 28, 2016 danyel naq 0

The Palace is one of the few remaining representative building standing in the Peninsular Area. Art critic Doina Păuleanu speaks volumes “Constance 1878-1928. The show late modernity “about bright era, with luxurious spaces and receptions given on different occasions. The land was then designed and built the Palace […]


The most beautiful places to visit in the Czech Republic

June 28, 2016 danyel naq 0

The most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. Apart from Prague, a city known for its unique charm, in  Czech Republic there are many other great destinations. Cesky Krumlov Cities, Kutna Hora and Karlstein castle is among the most popular attractions in the country.   […]


Ada-Kaleh Island, romanian secret tax haven

June 24, 2016 danyel naq 0

  The island, which has been labeled as a tax haven Romania has had a troubled history due to its strategic position, finding always be under Turkish dominion or under Austrian rule. After building the hydropower and navigation of the Iron Gates I, Ada-Kaleh came […]