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The cleanest cities in the world

  The cleanest cities in the world. The cleanliness of a city often show the degree of civilization of its inhabitants. Moreover, an infrastructure “friendly” environment has the ability to

Travel Industry News

What happened in a delayed plane to take off. “It was a great time!”

Passengers of an aircraft that would fly from Washington DC to New Orleans had a pleasant surprise departure airport. A vocal quartet gave a mini-concert atmosphere to relax.   Delayed


Bran Castle, upgraded with one million euros

Bran Castle will be modernized with over one million euros, writes bzb.ro.Tourists visiting the castle will follow the path we traversed the royal family when they wanted to go, shortcut, in


6 tourist destinations where you can find the clearest water in the world

Those who dream to have an unforgettable holiday at the seaside or near a beautiful lake with crystal clear water, often find themselves the need to console with an eye

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The world’s first underwater hotel

The hotel will be built at a depth of 8 meters and offer a beautiful view of the sea and fauna here. Sleeping with the fishes: Luxury underwater hotel could

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