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The 7 wonders of Oxford University City

As the oldest University in the  English speaking world, Oxford is a unique and historic institution. Tradition plays a great role in Oxford. The architecture in the University & City


How you can exercise while on your cruise

How can you make sport into the sea? The third largest cruise ship in the world, Anthem of the Seas, has a multipurpose gym, a jogging track and swimming pools.

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A Greek postman crossed 58,000 kilometers to deliver some letters.

Having had the opportunity to know more migrants, a postman in Greece decided to make a unique gesture, meant to draw attention to the problems that people face respective. Ilias Vrochidis

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Immigrants attacked tourist near Calais

  Calais migrant crisis: Over half of Brits put off from bank holiday trip to France More than half the number of Britons who were planning to travel to France


Jimmy Cornell has created an industry of adventure at sea

Jimmy Cornell is Dragos Cişmaşu screen name, born in 1940, son of the royal domain administrator Săvârşin. He wrote 16 books related to yachting and cornellsailing.com website says that sailed 200,000