Sunken attractions that can be visited

Sunken attractions that can be visited

sunken attractionsEven if it is more difficult to get into deep waters to visit cities, monuments or even submerged prisons, there are several such places can be admired. Here are just some of them truly spectacular.
Lion City, China At about 30 meters deep in Lake Qiandao Chinese, is drowned millennial city of Leo, which was intentionally flooded by the Chinese government in 1959 to build a hydropower. Towns submerged in Lake Reschen, Italy Lake Reschen, located in Northern Italy, is “decorated” with a turn of the century XIV rising from the water. Most buildings in the two cities, Graun and Reschen were destroyed before the area to be flooded on purpose, but the historic church tower lasted – and he can be reached even when the lake freezes then went in winter.

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Mar 31, 2014 Special Notes: Camping at Sherwood Forest. Free parking and water entry at the public boat landing. Sunken attractions includes planes, …
 Thonis-Heracleion, Egypt Thonis-Heracleion was one of the most important ports used for barter in Egypt when it was created at the mouth of the Nile River in the late eighth century BC The city expanded form of chains of buildings and canals around a large temple until a series of natural disasters have led to flooding of the century VIII en Rediscovered in 2000, the town stretches a few miles seacoast Egypt’s Mediterranean at the end of Aboukir Bay, and is full of statues, mummies or wrecks.

Potosí, Venezuela After being flooded deliberately, in 1985, to build a hydroelectric city Potosí reappeared to public attention in 2008 when a severe drought hit Venezuela and you began to see more of the facade of the Gothic church of the city .

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Underwater Prison Rummu, Estonia If you want to enjoy a day of swimming and discover a Soviet prison in 1930 possible. Rummu prison was near a mine that provided working prisoners. When the prison was finally closed, the mine was converted into a lagoon which now attracts adventure enthusiasts and scuba diving. Submerged parts of the prison include fences, furniture and claustrophobic rooms with barred windows.

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Floats mark the dive platforms just off-shore as well as sunken attractions. Get a dive slate of all of them at the gift shop. Did 4 dives on a July weekend and temp  …

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