Spectacular and sinister underground tourist destinations around the world

Spectacular and sinister underground tourist destinations around the world

underground tourist destinations

From wartime bunkers in old salt mines and catacombs housing skeletons of millions of people worldwide underground shelter numerous spectacular tourist attractions or downright macabre. Publication Daily Mail has some unique tourist destinations around the world, under the ground. There are places where few tourists venture, but those who choose to do so will not be disappointed. The most spectacular is the macabre underground catacombs of Paris, where are preserved skeletons of 6 million people. Catacombs cover over 300 kilometers in total, but only a small section is open to tourists and can be accessed. They have moved the remains of over 6 million people in the period 1785-1860, when the cemeteries of Paris were full and no room for other graves us. Catacombs is a network of underground tunnels, narrow and dark, where tourists will stroll along the history of Paris. In these tunnels are exposed skulls and bones, and the place is a very popular tourist destination especially for Halloween.

See what entrepreneurs are doing with old mines

As president and CEO of Saskatchewan-based Prairie Plant Systems, a biotechnology company that produces engineered plants for medical purposes, Zettl needed a nursery where the environment could be closely regulated and sealed off from predation or …

Llechwedd salt mine in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales, hosts the largest park in the world with trampolines, bounce Below. Each trampoline sits above a huge void, a place forbidden for those afraid of heights. The three huge trampolines are linked by tunnels score.

And in Turda Salt Mine is included in the list of destinations spectacular underground. In the Middle environment was an important place of salt exploitation for medicinal purposes, but is now a major tourist attraction. Visitors will benefit from the therapeutic effect of salinity, can relax while strolling boat on underground lake or climbing the giant wheel. Tourists are here and facilities for mini golf, bowling, and an amphitheater where performances can be held.

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Tunnels Chi Tunnels in Vietnam are famous for their extremely small size, being basically a simple entry hole that allows descent or ascent of one man. Even if access is difficult, the inside is true underground cities, which have kitchens, factories and hospitals. In these tunnels were hidden Viet Cong guerrilla troops during the war between the United States and Vietnam. The network of tunnels stretches approximately 320 kilometers and is quite close to Ho Chi Minh City. Entries extremely narrow, which were covered with palm leaves, have now been widened to allow easier for the tourists.

London bunker rooms were perfectly preserved during the Second World War. In the underground tunnels here sheltered politicians Churchill cabinet, discussing strategies to fight. Underground complex was used during 1940-1945 and covers 3,000 square meters. Churchill slept here sometimes when advisers counseled that it is too dangerous to stay in the residence of the surface. Beside him were his wife and close friends. Some rooms here have kept intact the atmosphere then and objects used by the British leader: war maps table and chairs used for debates.

Coober Pedy in South Australia in 3,500 people live, staying in caves, but enjoys all the amenities of a modern home. Underground city has museums, churches, hotels, restaurants and bar. The main source of income for the inhabitants here is the export of opal, which is among the best in the world. Tourists can stay in this underground mining town where there are all the modern amenities, including TV and modern kitchens equipped.

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Salt Cathedral in Colombia is one of the most spectacular places in the world underground. Built 170 meters underground in salt mine in Nemocon, Cundinamarca, this cathedral has existed for about 500 years. It is a major tourist destination and come to Mass every Sunday about 3,000 people. The cathedral is decorated with salt sculptures and a giant crucifix, almost 5 meters.

El Soplao Cave in Rionansa, Spain: Monuments in Rionansa | spain …

It was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century during work at La Florida mines, and it is one of the leading underground tourist destinations because of its  …

Wieliczka Salt Mine is a popular tourist attraction in Poland. Network of underground tunnels is very high, and there is also a treatment center for those suffering from asthma. Indoor air is very clean, no allergens and is not polluted. Tourists who come here have one chapel, a ballroom, and a restaurant and several shops. Here are organized sound and light show with music by Chopin.


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