Romania, one of the recommended destinations for Americans

Romania, one of the recommended destinations for Americans

recommended destinations

Romania is among the five countries, along with Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic and Ireland, European tourist destinations recommended that Americans want to pay less for a holiday abroad, the appreciation of the dollar against the euro, according to analysts consulted by MarketWatch.

Experts show that for Americans vacationing in Europe is in many cases cheaper compared to last year, while the dollar has appreciated by about 1.14 units per euro this year, marking the most favorable course in September 2003 to present.

In addition, Americans can take advantage of lower prices in February-May, before the start of summer vacation when costs increase.


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“In Europe, it is still difficult to travel at a good price in the country devoted to travel, so we have to look beyond that,” said Greg Geronemus, CEO of tour operator SmarTours.

Destinations treated as “friendly” in terms of required budget visiting their “attractive” in terms of culture and beautiful nature are Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland and Romania.

Inbound Young recommends starting with a trip to visit the capital Bucharest Romania, churches and mansions dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Lonely Planet, which publishes one of the most important tourist guides in the world, believes that Bucharest is “dynamic, energetic and quite” funky “. ‘

Young Americans urges tourists to discover picturesque towns and villages of the country and visit castles and churches in Transylvania, recalling the legend of Count Dracula. For lovers of outdoor activities, experts in the field shows that alternative excursions and mountain biking in the Carpathians.

Also, Young recommends tourists to visit Sibiu, city rich in cultural terms, “where not even a week passes without having a festival of music or art.”


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