Passengers waiting in a train station in the UK have had a unique surprise

Smart ForFour dark blue
Smart ForFour dark blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smart has turned newest generation of the 4X4 in “best train in the world” actually a sort of modern trolley writes

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At first glance, it might seem a joke from April 1, although that date has passed some time. Smart trolley is but how very real and has four huge steel wheels 22 inches, weighing 80 kg each.

The vehicle was designed by a team of researchers from the UK company Interfleet, which typically operate diesel locomotives huge 16-liter engine and a weight of 70 tons.

Smart-but only weighs a ton and has a one liter engine. For understandable reasons, the engineers have removed items from the car’s direction and welded aluminum substrates between the axles, to ensure that the wheels remain fixed on the rails.

Smart trolley was tested on a limited portion of track in Sussex, under the supervision of the team behind the project. Some commuters had the opportunity to run with the “lowest train in the world”, which reached without difficulty too destination.

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