Most sociable and friendly cities in the world

Most sociable and friendly cities in the world

friendly cities in the world

The most sociable cities of the world were revealed by booking website “Hostelworld” following a study which covered 39 cities in 28 countries.


The 19 most sociable and friendly cities in the world

Feb 25, 2017 Dublin‘s buzzing social scene put it in the list of the most open and friendly cities in the world.Tilman Ehrcke/Shutterstock. The most social cities …
The study “Sochi” by Hostelworld , analyzed the behavior and attitudes of over 12,000 residents in the 39 cities, based on ten criteria including: how and how often socialize residents, the general openness to others, trust in friends and using social networks, shows the Independent . Scandinavian and North American cities have occupied the first five places in the ranking, the first two being Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden. Gothenburg was declared the most sociable of all, being the third most liberal city in terms of attitude towards other people’s lifestyles.

According to the study , its inhabitants tend to put more value on socialization before their individual priorities. Gothenburg residents are also the biggest users and social networking, obtained third place in terms of trust in friends and search “any opportunity to spend”. The first most liberal city in the world is, however, Stockholm, capital of Sweden, who occupied the second position in the rankings. Its inhabitants are ranked second in the use of social networks, also being extremely concerned with the common good. The podium is completed by Chicago (USA), who is very well versed in “who took the city”.

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