Most expensive holiday destinations on the planet

Most expensive holiday destinations on the planet

expensive holiday destinations


Hoppa online ticket agency conducted ranking of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world. After taking into account the cost for a nopate accommodation, meal for two, a bottle of wine and a race of three kilometers by taxi, the average cost per person of $ 212.53 reached in the scuPA destination in the world .


Most expensive holiday destinations revealed – but where does …

Feb 16, 2017 Hoppa has released a survey of the world’s most expensive holiday destinations, with Zurich topping the poll.

Agency’s website online ticket Hoppa has achieved annual ranking of average costs for a holiday, taking into account the price for a night, table for two, a bottle of wine, coffee, beer, cocktail and a three kilometers taxi, writes Business Insider. Top most expensive holiday destinations in the world: Zurich, Switzerland – 212 $ 53 According to the agency, the most expensive destination in the world is Zurich, Switzerland, where the average cost for a night amounts to 212.53 dollars.


The 15 most expensive holiday destinations

To make ITS ranking, Hoppa added up the total of six travel expenses – Including a 3-kilometer taxi journey, a night’s stay at the hotel per person, and the meal – to find the average cost per person for a day trip in each destination . The cost of a pint …





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