Most beautiful places in China

Most beautiful places in China

most beautiful places in chinaEnigmatic for many, the country with the largest population in the world offers tourists some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on Earth. Whether we speak of “the mountains rainbow” of Zhangye, lakes and plains of multicolored Wuyuan’s Jiuzhaigou, one thing is clear – China is also experiencing an idyllic natural beauty.

9 Places to Visit in China That Are Safe and Beautiful

With a plethora of places to visit in China before you die, it’s not far-fetched to say you could spend the rest of your lifetime traveling this country and not repeat a thing. Yeah, it’s that big, and yeah, there are that many places to see! Any idea

Danxia landscapes – “Mountains of the Rainbow” The north-west China offers a unique landscape in the world: a series of geological formations, like hills, made up of multicolored rocks. Region “rainbow mountains,” as it is known, resembles an oil painting, especially when it is added against a blue sky.

Yellow Mountains One of the most famous tourist attractions of the country, mountainous formation offers a mystical landscape, dotted with small “natural wonders” rocks in strange shapes, “ocean” of clouds and hot springs. The area has the advantage of being accessible, being just a half hour flight to Shanghai.

Wuyuan’s Plaiurile Wuyuan region, in southeastern China, is considered by many to be the most beautiful landscapes of plains across the country. The area has a special appearance in early spring, when carpet is covered by large yellow rapeseed flowers formed.

Marshes exchange of Xiapu Located near the exit to the South China Sea, the Xiapu is a hidden treasure: sometimes swamps in the area covered by sea water, which sometimes withdraw and leave behind vast muddy plains.

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Steps to heaven in Yuanyang Yuanyuang offers a rare landscape in the world at a scale not found: terraced lands stretched vast areas, providing the feeling of a staircase that ascends to heaven.

Pillars of Zhangjiajie Zhangjiajie Nature Reserve, in the center of the country, offers moviegoers a known landscape: huge rock pillars, very close to each other, providing the feeling of a natural field of pillars. The resulting landscape was the main inspiration for similar mountains in Avatar.

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