Japan wants to introduce the “sayonara” tax for tourists

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tax for tourists


In the face of a public debt equivalent to 250 percent of GDP, the Japanese government is desperately looking for new funding sources for its programs.


There is no way we will support a ‘sayonara’ tax for tourists leaving …

Sep 4, 2017 An official in the tourism industry, referring to a new tax that would raise cash for the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) to bolster its PR campaigns …

This would be enforced with the fiscal year 2019 for all people leaving the country, whether they are Japanese citizens or foreign tourists.

According to government sources quoted by Asahi, it would be a charge of 1,000 yen, 7,5 euro.

 The Japanese state hopes to get at least 40 billion yen (300 million euros) each year from the new tax.
Barcelona plans day tax for tourists

May 4, 2016 Tourists visiting Barcelona on a day trip could be made to pay a tax even if they don’t stay overnight. The charge is the brainchild of the city …

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