Incredible project that will change air travel

English: NASA Puffin concept electrical VTOL a...
English: NASA Puffin concept electrical VTOL aircraft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The promise of a concept for an aircraft capable of carrying 10 passengers.

Industrial designer, Charles Bombardier, created a concept for an aircraft very quickly – Antipode supersonic capable of carrying 10 people could reach up to Mach 24!Bombardier has also created another concept, Skreemr capable of carrying 75 passengers and reach Mach 10.


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Bombardier spoke with the people at Forbes who told them that the idea came to him trying to solve the problem of design that was Skreemr – namely, that materials that would be created would not be able to withstand the acceleration Skreemr. Being much smaller, Antipo uses an aerodynamic phenomenon called “long penetration mode” to prevent the wings to fail if the accelerator. 

“I wanted to create a concept plane able to reach its antipode (diametrically opposed place on the planet) as quickly as possible,” says Bombardier. Antipode may start from any airport in the world using propulsion rocket attached to the wings.It would detach it once the plane reaches 12,000 meters altitude and would return to the airport, at which it kicks in Antipode engine, causing the aircraft to Mach 24.

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At such a speed, the aircraft could travel from between New York and London in 11 minutes, between New York and Dubai in 22 minutes and between New York and Sydney in 32 minutes.

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There are some problems, of course. Even NASA has failed to create a stable scramjet engine so far and there is the big problem of the effect it will have on passengers and drivers speed.

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