How to avoid unpleasant surprises when you check in to a hotel

How to avoid unpleasant surprises when you check in to a hotel


Few tourists can say that never had unpleasant surprises when they stayed at a hotel. Often the photo that advertises the hotel are modified, so the place look much nicer than it really is. Therefore, without knowing come to buy stays in hotels which are very different from what we thought.

Oyster travel site Business Insider has published a series of photos that hotels have made false advertising. Besides these, we find real images, they were surprised tourists when they arrived, and the differences are often very high. Most often, the photos are altered in Photoshop in advertising or simply made a favorable angle or at a time when the beach usually very crowded, is deserted. Regardless of the method used by the hotel, tourists will feel tricked, because you will not find the quiet place in his dreams, but a cramped and crowded. Here are some examples of images used to suggest a quiet beach or pool, although in reality here is full of tourists.


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Other photos show very large rooms, spacious double room, but in reality tourists will find two beds joined and small rooms with little furniture.

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