The hottest city break ideas, 9 destinations classic and a surprise

The hottest city break ideas, 9 destinations classic and a surprise

city break ideas

With stunning architecture, great museums and a vast network of canals fascinating, Venice manages to enchant visitors for hundreds of years. Since 1979, UNESCO included the entire city (and lagoon) World Heritage List. In summer, the number of tourists can be quite tiring, but charming atmosphere of the city detract from this. Although he managed to retain the air of another time, Venice is an old city with a vibrant contemporary scene.

Here’s 8 reasons why Lubeck should be your next European city break

When it comes to weekends away in Germany, there’s a certain tendency to head straight to the urban sprawl of Berlin, or the Bavarian beer houses of Munich. But there’s a hidden gem in the form of Lubeck, a city situated in the country’s north – and


Faimose with its monuments and symbols known to the whole world, Paris has a special reputation in any field. As early as the twelfth century, the French capital has become one of the European centers in areas such as culture, arts and education, and throughout history, Paris was the starting point of many political events of special importance. Tourists have something admirable in every street corner, for which Paris is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.


Rome is one of the few cities that has managed to preserve its history in an impressive manner, so that the monuments, statues, relics and many other beauties can be found everywhere. Few cities in the world enjoys the fame of Rome and the ancient air, impressive, which attracts over six million tourists each year. Known as the “Eternal City“, Italy’s capital city contains more than landmarks and ruins can be visited in a month’s holiday.

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Dutch capital is a regional center of business events, business conventions and exhibitions. But it is not only developed the business tourism sector, one of the top destinations Amsterdam preferences of young Europeans. With an extremely lively nightlife, Amsterdam is a favorite revelers, a perfect destination for a few days out of the usual pace. Unfortunately, sights and history of the city tend to be overshadowed by nightlife.


One of the richest cities in Europe, Florence is considered to be the starting point of the Renaissance, called the “Athens of the Middle Ages“. Its historic center was included on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list since 1982, currently attracting millions of tourists annually. Due to its cultural and architectural heritage, Florence was included among the most beautiful cities of the world, numerous publications in various occasions.


The 10 cheapest European city breaks – Travel

Sep 28, 2015 These are 2016’s most affordable city break destinations, according to research by the Post Office. It compared the total cost of 12 common …



Barcelona joined the league of most visited European destinations until after the 1992 Olympics, during which they enjoyed very much promotion outside the borders. Once inside the spotlight, Barcelona has won fans travel from all continents, is today one of the cities with the most successful brands in the world: Gaudi, La Rambla, Sangria or Sagrada Familia are readily known to people worldwide.


Regionally famous thanks to the numerous festivals and exhibitions in various areas, entertainment options and nightlife shaken, Berlin is one of the few cities very modern, but with a long history behind. After the conclusion of the Second World War, Berlin has become the largest construction site in Europe, but the true flowering of the city could be observed after 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In the past 25 years, the German capital has become a modern metropolis and interesting, a model of architectural and cultural transformation.

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Also known as “Pearl of the Adriatic ‘, Dubrovnik is not far from one of the largest cities in Croatia, but it is certainly the best known. Croatian coastline, unique landscapes and medieval decor each summer attract visitors from around the world. In the Middle Ages, it was the only European city that could rival Venice, in terms of maritime trade, reaching a remarkable level of development between the XV and XVI. Many of the current buildings date back then, so that Dubrovnik managed to maintain its Medieval atmosphere.


Founded nearly 2700 years ago, Istanbul is one of the most important settlements in history, which was the capital of four empires: the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire and the Ottoman. Founded as Byzantium and Constantinople, renamed since ancient times, the town was officially named in 1930. Istanbul’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage-listed, Istanbul managed to maintain many buildings steeped in history, to the delight of visitors.

Blackpool a great cheap holiday for Brits

English: blackpool Polski: blackpool (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The last bank holiday of this summer brought me up to Blackpool. I have learned that if you want to travel by National Express you should book two days extra for your holiday, as the traffic is heavy, and you will get delays …


The largest city in the European Union is one of the cities with most visitors in the world, despite being a tourist destination rather expensive. Full of history and very modern at the same time, London is a city for all ages and all tastes, writes . Famous for its cultural diversity, London still retains its personality, with some powerful symbols recognizable.

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Long Weekend: What to do and see on a city break in Vienna, Austria

Spend a luxurious weekend in the city voted Most Liveable European City for the second year running. Vienna is a cultured foodie’s delight; blocks of monumental buildings hosting opera houses, concert halls, art galleries and Spanish stallions (of the

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