In the future, we could travel to Mars in just 3 days

In the future, we could travel to Mars in just 3 days

Mars Observer preparations

Mars Observer preparations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea belongs to NASA specialist Philip Lubin.

The main problem facing researchers in aerospace, when it comes to exploring new areas of the universe, is the slow speed that can move cosmic shuttles. NASA claims that specialist Philip Lubin can solve this problem because it has already started to work on designing a vehicle that will carry astronauts to Mars in just 3 days.

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Currently, spacecraft have are powered by liquid fuel. This system not only makes the vehicle more difficult, but is inefficient in comparison to using electromagnetic acceleration to be put into operation.”Electromagnetic acceleration is limited only by the speed of light, while the engines operate with liquids are limited to chemical reactions that occur between them,” said Philip Lubin.

The system was invented by American researcher called “The Impossible EM Drive” and aroused the attention of the scientific world, because using electromagnetic acceleration to be put into operation.NASA specialists say they can not figure out how the device functions at and can not prove yet whether it is the result of a failed experiment.

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Lubin argues that protons can use propulsion to transport astronauts to Mars. At present, this method is only at the level of theory, not even tested in the laboratory. However, the American researcher believes that there is the possibility of using particles of light, in order to move the spacecraft.

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According to calculations made by Philip Lubin and his research team, using propulsion protons, a spacecraft weighing about 100 kilograms, could reach Mars in just 3 days. Where will like commissioning of a vehicle heavier (such as, for example, SLS rocket that will carry the first astronauts to Mars), travel time will increase considerably, maybe even a few weeks .


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