It cost over 1 billion and is the largest cruise ship in the world

It cost over 1 billion and is the largest cruise ship in the world

Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas luxury c...

Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas luxury cruise ship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The biggest cruise ship in the world, built in shipyards in Saint Nazaire French town, was launched on water and started shipping samples.

Harmony of the Seas can accommodate 5,500 passengers and weighs 230 tons. It’s actually a true floating resort .

List of the world’s largest cruise ships

The following is a list of the world’s largest cruise ships over 100,000 gross tonnes, including ships that are in service, under construction, and out

The ship with a length of 360 meters will sail in two months. For starters will cross the Atlantic, then there will be more cruises in the Caribbean. After returning to Europe to sail on different routes in the Western Mediterranean.

Over 5,000 passengers have provided countless opportunities for fun on the 18 decks of the ship.


Win a free cruise on world’s largest cruise ship

Here’s a chance to win a cruise aboard the world’s largest cruise ship: Harmony of the Seas. To mark the debut its third Oasis-class megaship, Royal Caribbean International has launched the “Ticket to Adventure” sweepstakes for consumers to try for

From amusement arcades and skating to an impressive water park. Three water slides down into real mazes on a height of 10 floors.

Those who want to spend a cultural holiday have three auditoriums, libraries and discussion clubs.

All cabins have luxurious features and surfaces from 15 to 150 square meters for apartments.

The vessel cost over one billion euros, and construction took two years.


Confessions of a Romanian entertainer working on the largest cruise ship in the world

The girl who had cut almost all decks work performance had arrived in the country after the jump rope to the largest cruise ship in the world. He had gone to seek fulfillment in other waters. Like other great champions of Romania: away from the country. For a whiter bread, …


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