365 windows, 52 rooms and 7 terraces. Unique in Romania

365 windows, 52 rooms and 7 terraces. Unique in Romania

English: Bran castle, Romania

Among the “treasures” hidden Romania, of which very few have heard include Castle-Calendar in Transylvania. A place full of mystery that hides a beautiful love story and its unique architecture that could attract hundreds of thousands of tourists that would be greatly promoted.

Bran Castle, upgraded with one million euros

English: Bran castle, Romania (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Bran Castle will be modernized with over one million euros, writes bzb.ro.Tourists visiting the castle will follow the path we traversed the royal family when they wanted to go, shortcut, in the castle. The sum of one million euros will be used for work at …

Built on a hill near the town of Plain Really, in 1911, Castle-Calendar is not just a legend. The building has 365 windows, how many days in a year, 52 rooms, how many weeks are in a year, and 4 towers, like the seasons. It was built by Istvan Ugron, then Austro-Hungarian ambassador to Russia, who asked to be raised as a witness to the eternal love they bear for one of the daughters of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Unfortunately, the princess claims were too high. It asked Baron to pave the way to the castle with gold money, but wish could not be fulfilled because Baron ran out of money. A few years later she was killed and then Baron never married, according stirileprotv.ro .

According to Wikipedia, for three years local people were forced to work there for free with their tools and animals. Castle of the Plain Really was not visited very often baron. However he lifted his ambition was to build a summer residence completely and totally different from any other residence. During communism it was taken by the state and has received several destinations in time. The furniture was confiscated by the communist leadership and transfer to Turda, which was then the center of the county. The castle was, in turn, sanatorium for TB patients, school and granary, and in recent years orphanage.

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Currently, the castle became the center of plasamament subordinated Mures County Council and accommodates approximately 70 orphan girls. Unfortunately, the building is getting worse by the day, however.

Discover the unique details of the Castle gallery-Calendar!

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