Brit pays huge mobile bill for holiday photos

holiday photosA British 19, who works as a nurse, woke up that has to pay a huge bill for mobile phone, after using traffic data to post on Facebook about during the holidays in Kusadasi, Turkey.

Shannon Mills spent several wonderful days of vacation in Turkey, along with her family. Because he wanted to use your mobile phone and pictures, which to publish on social networks, young set from the beginning to buy a 30 megabytes of data traffic for the equivalent of 170 euros, writes Daily Mail. After a few days during the holidays, she received a message from the mobile phone company O2, which announced that it has paid almost 3,000 euros for data traffic. Every day she received messages of this kind, although not using the Internet. Finally, the phone completely closed, but after two weeks of vacation, Shannon has found himself paying 30,000 euro in total data traffic.

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For younger bill was a real shock, especially since her father had called the company and asked insistently blocking data traffic. Driving telephone company said it would consider the case. Shannon says that from now on will not use your mobile phone for pictures during holidays abroad, not to have problems. But she does not understand why he continued to be charged every day, although he could use traffic data that had been blocked by the company and which we in turn deactivated.

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