A car operated only with mind power, performed at a university in China

A car operated only with mind power, performed at a university in China

English: Nankai University East Gate, Tianjin

English: Nankai University East Gate, Tianjin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A car is handled only with mind power was tested Wednesday China news agency Xinhua, stating that this kind of vehicle will target especially people with motor disabilities and that will occur when the market is still distant.

Conducted by researchers at Nankai University in Tianjin (Northeast China) in collaboration with car manufacturer Great Wall Motor vehicle captures the user’s brain impulses via 16 sensors, analyzes them and forward processing system, which interprets them as commands to accelerate or to brake or maneuver the doors.

This project joins other similar initiatives, such as the construction of vehicles moving without a driver, EFE notes. Google has been working for a long time for this purpose, and the Chinese company Baidu announced last month that it hopes to launch its own version before the end of the year, writes Agerpres .

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