23 years old youngster gets paid to travel around the world

23 years old youngster gets paid to travel around the world

English: Easter Island Fishing Boats

English: Easter Island Fishing Boats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many dream of a permanent vacation, but a young woman from Australia managed to turn this dream into a source of income. Brooke Saward, aged 23, traveling from January 2014 and turned it into a career through her blog.

They won a million dollars in a few months while visiting over 17 countries!

The story of a man of 27 years is truly impressive. Business Insider / all started in 2012, when he approached his old roommate from college with an offer. This, called Eliot Arntz, was in a difficult situation. Bookkeeping in New York and he hated his job. Azzi gave a small …

Saward bought a ticket to London the day he graduated and then visited six continents and almost 50 countries. Her photographs have attracted the attention of many netizens, and her accounts of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have 320,000 fans. Her blog, World of Wanderlust brings 950,000 views per month.

“Last year we planned three to four months in advance,” says the young. “This year, however, we decided not to plan anything. Sometimes I go to sleep without knowing where I wake up the next day.”

Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger quit jobs to travel world and now scrub …

The pair, from Johannesburg, South Africa, has been providing regular updates on its blog, with its most recent entry revealing challenging and humbling moments that haven’t been shared in their stunning snaps. In a post that reveals their appreciation

Brooke Saward says half of the cost is covered by her journeys, while the rest comes from sponsorships or invitations from hotels or resorts that want to appear young blog.

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In 2014, Saward the highest bungee jump in the world, went canoeing the Zambezi River, was on Easter Island and in several expeditions through South Africa and climbed a volcano in Chile. Young says he has no intention of ending travel, at least for now.

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The A*Star grant was awarded to Dr Bruno Reversade in 2012, to fund the Genetic Orphan Diseases Adopted: Fostering Innovation Therapy project. With this grant, Dr Reversade and his team travel around the world in search of patients with rare diseases.

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