The high speed train that could reach 1,000 km / h

The wagons are suspended above the line by magnetic levitation, and the high speed is ensured by moving them in vacuum. Thus, in the future these trains could be even

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Story of the biker who traveled through Europe with empty pockets


For a year and a half, Victor Perdevară never felt the notion of “home”. He traveled throughout Europe in cycling.

The most beautiful hiking trails in Europe


 The most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. Located on the heights or less impressive, all these trails offer unforgettable landscapes,

China is building a park in the desert


China started building a Ulan Buh Desert National Park in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the north. The park is

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The most beautiful places in Germany. Even if it does not occupy one of the first places in the top tourist destinations, Germany is a country with numerous scenic and many things that can attract tourists. It has dream castles, medieval towns, enchanting Christmas markets and a world-famous beer. travel site published a top ten most beautiful places in

Eurotunnel was inaugurated on 6 May 1994 and is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world, with a length of 50 kilometers with 39 kilometers underwater. Work began in 1988 on the two ends, and the first junction between the two galleries, French and English took place on 1 December 1990. The work lasted six years. Eurotunnel

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