Groupe Renault presents Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance System

Groupe Renault announces that it has developed an autonomous control system that can handle difficult driving situations and, for the first time, can avoid roadblocks as well as test pilots.

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New travel destination in the Pacific Ocean


A mysterious island in the Pacific appeared overnight. It has a green lake and hot stones. Curious are advised to

The longest road in the world to travel


The longest road in the world to travel, whether it comes from highways or railways, impresses with it story and how

Adventure Hitchbot robot smiling and hitchhiking, ended sadly


Adventure hitchBOT robot hitchhiker who tried to see if he could trust the people, ended Philadeplhia sad, eastern US, on

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Bible books from the series “Game of Thrones” by George R. R Martin, and “Fifty shades of Grey‘s” by EL James, is among the volumes planes travel frequently forgotten in a hurry, according to Revolutionary New Material Could Make Airplanes Bombproof There have been many incidents of airplanes being targeted with bombs that were exploded inflight, one doesn’t have

Planning a honeymoon can be something fun, entertaining, and challenging at the same time, particularly if the chosen destination is a remote place, on the other side of the world. Most couples are concerned about how to find a convenient balance between “visiting the highlights” and doing something special. The top argentina tourist attractions require you to be in the

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