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Where will be built the largest hotel in the world

The largest hotel in the world will be built in Mecca, in Saudi Arabia and will have 10,000 rooms, where tourists and pilgrims will be accommodated. List of largest hotels

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Airplane powered only by solar energy goes around the world


  Solar Impulse plane starts two months of Abu Dhabi, a historic journey around the world, made only with solar

Story of the biker who traveled through Europe with empty pockets


For a year and a half, Victor Perdevară never felt the notion of “home”. He traveled throughout Europe in cycling.

Youngest world traveler: the girl who accompanies her parents hiking


  Esme tiny traveled in its first year more than others in life. From the age of two months, the

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If for a visit to the famous Louvre in Paris visitors stand in endless lines, or if the Uffizi Tate or stand on toe for a place closer to the masterpieces of world art, recently began to be more attractive to tourists museums housing oddities. And it is not the dung Museum in Hartford, Connecticut, or about the famous museums

Even 80 years after opening, the opulent architecture of underground Moscow sees foreign visitors leave dazed. Taken with the Russian habit, metro stations in Moscow are considered to be some real museum rooms, the rest of the world. Moscow’s metro stations – in pictures Vancouver-based photographer David Burdeny has always loved extravagant spaces: “I like the idea that when there’s no

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