Six lesser known ways to choose the perfect holiday hotel

  Every traveler who is involved in planning his own excursion is guided by personal preferences when choosing the hotel where he is staying. The travel specialists reveal six aspects

Adventure Travel

The place where planes land over the heads of tourists


Most tourists who choose Maho beach in the Caribbean not for clean water, or because the place is exotic, but

French sailor visited most dangerous and terrifying destinations


French sailor Olivier Le Carrer visited most dangerous and terrifying destinations worldwide, 30 in number, and recently released a book

Jimmy Cornell has created an industry of adventure at sea


Jimmy Cornell is Dragos Cişmaşu screen name, born in 1940, son of the royal domain administrator Săvârşin. He wrote 16 books

Luxury Travel

Tiens Group company President Li Jinyuan, has leased 140 hotels in huge group visited Paris and important goals such as the Louvre. The 6,400 staff went and the Côte d’Azur, where Li Jinyuan 4760 rent rooms in 79 four and five star hotels in Cannes and Monaco. Employees took 147 buses to be transported from the hotel Promenade des Anglais

Most legends say that the Moldavian boyars had dug a tunnel under the Danube in order to protect the wealth of Turkish and Tatar invasions. Entering the tunnel they are in a sacred place inaccessible “civilians” under the altar of the Virgin historic church on the Danube. Experts reject the idea that there is such a tunnel but leaves some

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