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Most sociable and friendly cities in the world

The most sociable cities of the world were revealed by booking website “Hostelworld” following a study which covered 39 cities in 28 countries.   The 19 most sociable and friendly

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The qualities of a good flight attendant


Travelling far and wide, the journeys of the nicest places in the world and elegant uniforms are some of the

The most frightening castles in the world you must see


Most castles terrifying world. Castle is a building which impresses with its beauty, size and especially the stories about it.

Adventure Hitchbot robot smiling and hitchhiking, ended sadly


Adventure hitchBOT robot hitchhiker who tried to see if he could trust the people, ended Philadeplhia sad, eastern US, on

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Somewhere in Alaska, Whittier small town living its little joys and dramas like any other settlement in the world. But something is different. The entire population lives under the same roof. Buckner Building the largest buildings in Alaska, often being referred to as “the city under one roof“. The building was slightly damaged by the 9.2 1964 Alaska earthquake Whittier Alaskan town

For three decades, an old Soviet plane had lain abandoned in a modest airfield in Siberia. Years of ignorance turned Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-104A aircraft in a wreck. Karmanova Maria, a young history buffs Soviet aviation, and has pledged to restore the disgraced Tupolev. Karmanova, aged 31, holds a doctorate in mathematics and is working on Sobolev Institute of Mathematics in Akademgorodok, one

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