Sinister places chosen as unprecedented holiday destinations

The combination of emotion and danger sometimes awakens contradictory feelings. Although some images can spark fear, curiosity always overcomes. Not many times, tourists want to get to the most scary

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My Ealing Half Marathon: Journey from 2:30 Pacer to 2:10


I  started my race from the back following Dave (Pacer 2:30), as I have not trained for this and it

A temple in India is led by 20,000 rats


As in many cultures rats are considered pests in an Indian temple 20,000 rodents are fed and revered. How One

Three old ships, perfectly preserved, were found by two divers in Danube


Two young divers from Constanta made a startling discovery at the mouth of the Danube to the Black Sea on

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This summer, the silhouette does not matter so much! Swimsuits in trends are so varied, from cuts and materials to prints, that choosing the most suitable piece will be difficult only from the perspective of the extremely rich offer. Full-length but generous cuts along with long sleeves inspired by surfing costumes are the main recommendations of international brands.   From

In the mountains of northern Portugal Fafe is a strange building, which has become an important tourist attraction. Casa do Penedo, translation stone house is a unique architectural style, very similar to the old shelters of primitive people. An Unlikely Tourist Attraction in Poland: Storks About a half-mile from the Russian border, hidden in the rolling hills of northernmost Poland,

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Trending Now : German, Austrian and Polish hotel brands want to enter the Romanian market
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